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How can a company be sure that its workers do not unnecessarily access its clients' confidential data?

Surveys show that over 25% of privileged users admit to retrieving information that is not necessary for their job (BeyondTrust, Inc. report). This could be financial reports, private documents, call logs or text messages. Privileged users often feel unpunishable because they can even erase traces of their activity.

Companies need a tool that would discourage privileged users from accessing sensitive data stored on their servers. Comarch SecureAccess can help achieving that by monitoring users activity and making permissions more strict. In addition, it supports audit process as well as simplifies servers' reconfiguration.

Solution requirements:

  • recording the activity of privileged users
  • providing restrictions according to the least privilege access principle
  • in case of violation – helping to find the guilty party
  • discouraging users from retrieving sensitive data
  • storing audit trails on an independent machine

Corresponding SecureAccess features:

  • recording all keystrokes and mouse clicks of a privileged user
  • access policies and schedules
  • logs and screenshots of users’ activity
  • searchable text logs and easy-to-view slideshows (RDP)
  • informing users that their actions are recorded
  • keeping logs on an independent SecureAccess server
  • separation of duties

Additional advantages of this solution:

  • simpler and cheaper misconfiguration fixing (it is easy to find out what happened)
  • SecureAccess screenshots can be used for tutorials and presentations
  • supervision of the quality of privileged users’ work
  • compliance with legal regulations and standards (SOX, ISO etc.)
  • tool for auditors

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