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How can a healthcare company assure its patients that its workers do not unnecessarily access their private medical information?

Every patient has the right to medical confidentiality. Medical companies are obliged to keep medical information secure as well as ensure that an undesirable person cannot accesses it. In case of any data leakage, a company’s reputation may be ruined while the patients can claim considerable compensation.

Without monitoring, privileged users can access databases anytime and even delete traces of their access. To reduce the risk, privileged users must be constantly monitored. Deploying Comarch SecureAccess as a solution leads to increase in security, quality of administrators’ work and effectiveness of fixing misconfiguration problems.

Solution requirements:

  • recording the activity of privileged users
  • providing restrictions according to the least privilege access principle
  • informing users that their actions are recorded
  • in case of data leakage – helping to find the source

Corresponding SecureAccess features:

  • recording all keystrokes and mouse clicks of privileged users
  • server managment through server areas
  • creating access schedules
  • informing users that their actions are monitored

Additional advantages:

  • simplified privileged access management
  • faster misconfiguration fixing

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