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How can an institution supervise external IT providers administering its servers?

Institutions run many services on its servers. They are usually provided and supported by many different companies. External administrators connect to machines running crucial services. They have access to sensitive data and can intentionally or unintentionally cause a misconfiguration.

To prevent such a risk institutions need to supervise their server administrators, who work externally. Having Comarch SecureAccess on-board institutions obtain a tool to monitor IT providers and quality of their service. Also Comarch SecureAccess enables creating access schedules to decide who, when and for how long can login to the institution’s servers.

Solution requirements:

  • providing access granularity
  • recording administrators activity
  • easy-to-view, searchable logs and screenshots
  • time restrictions for remote access
  • ability to notify of particular events
  • providing privileged users management
  • sessions accountability
  • dividing accessible servers into groups for each provider

Corresponding SecureAccess features:

  • server management through server areas
  • separation of duties
  • recording keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • RDP screenshots
  • searchable text logs and easy-to-view slideshows (RDP)
  • access schedules and policies
  • e-mail notifications and alerts

Additional advantages of this solution:

  • increased security
  • digital forensics
  • preparation for compliance with selected norms/recommendations
  • simpler and cheaper misconfiguration fixing (it is easy to find out what happened)

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