Financial Institutions

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How can a financial institution prove that
its sensitive data have not been accessed or modified?

Compliance with regulations and standards is a must for financial institutions. Some of the regulations require full tracking and monitoring of all network access while the others state that it has to be certified that the financial data delivered to auditors have not been modified.

Deploying Comarch SecureAccess leads to compliance with regulations and norms that require protecting financial data from being manipulated. By monitoring privileged access, SecureAccess discourages administrators from accessing any unnecessary information – such as clients’ personal data or credit card numbers.

Solution requirements:

  • recording privileged users’ activity
  • ability to prove that privileged users do not access financial and personal data
  • providing tamper-proof audit trails
  • support compliance with PCI-DSS (“Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data”)

Corresponding SecureAccess features:

  • recording keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • RDP screenshots
  • session logs stored on an independent machine
  • storing information in searchable text logs and easy-to-view slideshows (RDP)

Additional advantages:

  • simpler and cheaper misconfiguration fixing
  • SecureAccess screenshots can be used for tutorials and presentations
  • simplified privileged users management

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