Monitor & control
every single action on your servers

What it is

Comarch SecureAccess is a solution for supervising privileged users' activity on servers. It assists in monitoring both internal and remote access to server resources through the secure shell (SSH) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Before gaining access to the destination server, the user must undergo a strong authentication procedure, and any unauthorized access attempts are immediately reported. This makes it possible to supervise and protect user-server communication, as well as configure and manage session timeouts in convenient and secure way.

What are the benefits

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The right tool to provide the company’s compliance with the highest industry standards and best practices for security such as: ISO 2700x, PCI-DSS, SOX.

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Increased security

A “gatekeeper“ that stores all passwords and keys to servers. It discourages potential malicious activities by informing users that everything they do is recorded.

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Access control and simplification

The only tool which enables managing privileged access to servers while separating administrators’ accounts along with their root passwords.

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Clients' trust

The tool that controls all activities on the servers, guarantees data security and integrity.

How it works

SecureAccess is a proxy for remote server administration. A privileged user who wants to connect to a server, establishes a connection and logs into SecureAccess. Then, SecureAccess connects with the remote server. There is no direct, unsupervised connection between the user and the server since the program records all mouse clicks and keystrokes and sends alert notifications whenever specific events occur. To simplify the workflow, the user logs only into SecureAccess and does not need any other passwords or keys to the servers.

It is an independent proxy appliance. SecureAccess operators (supervisors) are no exception – their activity in the SecureAccess console is also monitored and recorded. SecureAccess deployment does not require any modifications or software installation on workstations and servers.

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Session monitoring
and logging

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Session monitoring and logging

  • Session accountability
  • Recording all keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • RDP slideshows
  • text-searchable session recordings
  • monitoring and recording of SecureAccess's operators’ activities
  • notifications and alerts
  • SSH and RDP protocols

of duties

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Separation of duties

Every operator is assigned to one of the strictly defined roles:

  • Global Administrator – a superuser who has all the privileges
  • Operator – manages the users and permissions in a dedicated area
  • Pass operator – has access to servers' credentials
  • Auditor – can watch recordings and logs

Server areas

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Server areas

SecureAccess has a capability to create separate virtual areas that contain:

  • Servers
  • Operators
  • Privileged users

Which helps to follow the structure of a large company and makes management easier.


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Password management

  • limited access to server credentials
  • password manager role


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SecureAccess can send e-mail alerts triggered by:

  • overlimits
  • new session
  • initialisation of a subsession
  • modifications/changes of SecureAccess settings

Every session can be terminated by an operator if there is any suspicious activity.


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Access schedule

Every privileged user can be assigned to a certain policy that defines:

  • allowed protocols
  • time window for the user’s activity
  • maximum session timelength


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System diagnostics

System summary in SecureAccess console:

  • IP addresses
  • operating systems
  • last connections

Use cases

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